The Woodlands Golf Course Scorecard

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Hole #1

On the opening hole of the Woodlands, choose a club you know you can hit straight. Take enough club on the second shot to clear the small creek that runs in front of the green, and make sure you’re accurate!


Hole #2

On a hole with water flanking the right near the tee box and left further up the fairway, play your tee shot to dogleg; but don’t try to cut to the left side of the fairway.


Hole #3

With a large lake to your left, hit to the right side of the fairway off the tee box. Be warned, bunkers carry the green so bring enough club to carry them as you approach.


Hole #4

A challenging par 3, so don’t let the yardage fool you. This hole requires a long iron or wood from the box to carry the large bunker that guards the front of the green and loves to catch short-hit balls.


Hole #5

Overall, a relatively short par 5 where accuracy is at a premium. The right side of the fairway is covered in natural landscaping and the left holds water, so play to the center of the fairway and you’ll have a chance to birdie this hole.


Hole #6

This hole was made for long hitters. The average player will probably reach the green in three, so try and one-putt for par.


Hole #7

This hole can place you in birdie possibility if you can hit it onto the fairway with your first shot. Avoid the long, narrow lake winding up the left side of the fairway. On your approach, make sure you take enough club to carry the greenside bunkers.


Hole #8

On this short par 3, accuracy is at a premium. The safe shot is to aim to the right side of the bunker-protected green.


Hole #9

This is a challenging par 4. Play the alternate golf tee at 492 yards for a real test of your skills. Remember, this is a par 4.


Hole #10

Ready for some risk/reward? Play irons for the safest route to victory on this hole, or hit your driver within 60 yards of the green. Your choice.


Hole #11

Careful when choosing your club on this one, as we’ve seen the green driven. Tip: stay away from the left side.


Hole #12

This hole will keep your interest. From the tee box, use a club that will get you to the dogleg left. The second shot is actually longer than the first, and make sure to clear the water!


Hole #13

Although it may look it from the tree-lined fairway near the tee box, this is a straightforward, straightaway par 4. Nothing too special about this hole... as long as you keep it straight.


Hole #14

Note that this hole doglegs slightly to the right. The smartest way to the green is to lay-up on your second shot and get close with the third.


Hole #15

On this short par 3, watch the wind conditions. Try to work the ball from left to right, and don’t overhit.


Hole #16

Your shot off the tee should land inside of 100 yards. The green on this hole is wide, so swing to the pin. Also try to avoid the water on the right side and near the green.


Hole #17

Hole 17 is a beautiful hole that demands accuracy off the tee box. A bit to the right will dump you in the water when you’re trying to hit the green.


Hole #18

The last hole at the Woodlands has water to the right and left, but keep your host on the right side of the fairway. Pay attention to the pin placement, as the green is longer than it looks.


Back32430937420050843939617549232173143255153194661982851733082903612068.4 / 11979.4 / 134
Middle31226233318448942537113439529052903094982984251752231312872636554166.3 / 11272.3 / 126
Forward28125328512941532530910834124462662434192563991562171052642325477162.8 / 10567.5 / 113
Handicap1517135719113 16122184614108    
Par M/W444354434354454534343671  
Handicap1115135937171 41261481018162    

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Golf at The Woodlands of Van Buren

With superior course conditioning, unsurpassed service, and a convenient location just outside Detroit, the Woodlands of Van Buren has developed a reputation as the area’s best value. Established in 1995, the course features bentgrass greens, multiple water hazards, and challenging bunkers; plus the signature fourteenth hole—a 466-yard short par 5 with a green nestled against a backdrop of mature trees and guarded in the front by a large pond. With manicured fairways and well-guarded greens, the Woodlands of Van Buren remains a leading daily fee course dedicated to maintaining universal excellence.

Yardage Par
Silver: 4,771 71
Black: 5,541 71
Golf: 6,120 71




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